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What’s 100% Nature Not Chemicals?

When we say “100% Nature Not Chemicals” we mean that our product has no nasty, hard-to-pronounce chemicals in it. BacOFF Products contains:

• NO Enzymes
• NO Phosphates
• NO Sodium lauryl sulphates
• NO Petroleum and its derivatives
• NO Chlorine and its derivatives
• NO Ammonia and its derivatives
• NO Chemicals like parabens, propylene glycols,
  formaldehydes and triclosan

BacOFF products are made from fruit and vegetable extracts, bioflavanoids, and purified water. These ingredients are already classified and readily found in foods that we eat.

All this translates to truly non-toxic products that can be used safely around children, older folk, pets.

BacOFF products are also priced affordably. This competitive pricing, plus the health and environmental benefits of using our cleaners mean that we deliver outstanding value to You, our Customer. Browse through our range of products, and discover first hand how natural and affordable our cleaners are. 100% Nature Not Chemicals. 100% Value.

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